Saturday August 01,2020
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Pre School

About Pre School

Shaishav offers the Pre School Programme which inculcates in children the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment. At the school, the emphasis is on developing in students self-confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English. Teachers ensure this through effective use of language and by encouraging children to express themselves freely.

Our curriculum has constantly evolved in response to contemporary philosophies of education and an ever- changing academic landscape. It concentrates on teaching children to associate their learning with real life so that they can practically apply the knowledge in daily problem-solving situations. Our superbly planned academic programme, which is executed through a combination of cutting-edge teaching methodologies, ensures that we have age- appropriate targets to facilitate optimum learning.

In the years to come, we will continue to enhance, upgrade and enrich our curriculum in our endeavor to offer a holistic programme of pre-school education to our children.

Our key areas of focus include:
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive & Language development
  • Affective & Social development
  • Aesthetic development
  • Numeracy and logic
  • Character education, leadership and Team building.